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Car Diffuser Refill

Car Diffuser Refill

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Purchase one of our non-toxic refill bottles to keep your car diffuser going!

• 1 bottle is enough to refill your diffuser 2 times (60 day supply)

Scent Notes -

Gather: Fig, Sugar + Sea Salt

Fall in Love: Nutmeg, Apple + Clove

Mahogany Teakwood (Masculine Line): Spice, Musk + Mahogany

Lavender FieldsLavender, Sage + Chamomile

Lush LinenCotton Blossom, Violet + Sandalwood

Pumpkin Chai: Cinnamon, Pumpkin + Nutmeg

Salt + Sea: Sea Salt, Tonka Bean + Amber

Sweater WeatherCitrus, Plum + Amber


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